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Old 11-07-2020, 11:08 PM
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Efficient And Smart Device: Spectra Precision Laser LL500 Self-Leveling Laser Level

When you want to work on the long-range measurement projects, then Spectra Precision LL500 laser level can deal with the entire job site. It can increase the productivity of a user by reducing the time frame. Now, if you are searching for this kind of laser level that can also provide you protection and portability, then this model is the right match for you. We have come up with a detailed review of this product.

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Features of Spectra Precision LL500 Laser Level

Working Range:

If you are searching for the construction laser level, then you have already found the right one. LL500 by Spectra is designed for complex projects that require high precision and accuracy, even in daylight. This device can provide a working range of about 1600ft once you attach the receiver with it. It can control almost any kind of application professionally, and you will enjoy the working mechanism.

Accuracy and Self-Leveling:

The accuracy of this device is also impressive, and you will love it, once performance will be evident at the job site. This model can provide accuracy about +/-1/16 at the distance of 100ft that is suitable for a construction site. Other than accuracy, this device is self-leveling, and the range is about +/-11 arc minutes. There is no need to ask for help from someone as it can adjust itself properly.

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IP66 Rated:

When you are working on the job site, then lots of environmental factors can disturb your work and your device as well. Spectra Precision LL500 laser level is IP66 rated, and it signals that this device is strong enough to fight against weather and environmental conditions. It can keep internal components safe from damage as well as enhance the life of the device. You can use this device at almost any site without worrying about rough conditions and surfaces.

Other Features:

Spectra Precision LL500 laser level works on 4-D alkaline batteries, and the working range of batteries is about 80 hours. This model has come up with a 2-year warranty and temperature compensation feature as well. LL500 laser level can also show an out-of-alert indicator to a user to warn, and it also has strong construction for protection.

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Benefits of Using Spectra Precision LL500 Laser Level

✫Spectra Precision LL500 is a suitable laser system for all the users out there who are looking for something accurate and professional in working.

✫From long-range working to protection against rough weather, it has everything you need to make your project perfect and high-quality.


Spectra Precision LL500 laser level is a heavy-duty system that is designed for medium to high-level jobs. This device can minimize the errors at the job site and keep the unit working with consistency and precision. It is compatible with any surface, and you will love the efficiency while being at a job site.

Source: http://mtm-international.org/forums/users/laserlevelhub/


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