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Old 07-26-2007, 06:32 PM
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school me

I'm a little scared but have been dying to do this for a long time so go easy. I openly admint I know NOTHING about cruisers (they take up too much space on track..might as well bring motorhome out there). It's like the blinker fluid thing I fell for...

We buy race bike -
we tear off all all unnessary parts, mirrors, blinkers, plates, rear pegs, you know all that extra garbage you guys ride with and throw in garbage. Once a race bike always a race bike.

So what exactly IS the difference between a SB and cruiser? I'm not stupid, tanks are huge and they look more comfortable than an R1 pillion - but what is the difference. Yes , Oak bash me now - I see it on the horizon but please explain..beside they can carry the biggest side saddles I have seen -you could stuff francis is some that I have come across - but what are the MAIN differences...Brian - go

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