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Old 01-23-2007, 09:59 PM
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Group Rides..

This is my post from PNW that I use for a guideline for GROUP rides..
Read it or not.. Matters not to me.. But this is what I do.

We get a lot of questions about rides when we post them up over here. Meaning the ones that Myself and 02kawi600 do. I thought I would post up what our rides are about and what can be expected when going on rides with us. Some others might use the same types of guidelines too.

I imagine 02 will put his .02 in too.

For starters EVERYONE is welcome on any of our posted rides. No matter what kind of bike or what kind of rider. All should be able to enjoy the group, the ride, meeting new people, seeing new roads that maybe they didn't know about, ect....

Alot ask about the PACE of the ride. How fast, how slow, railing, slabbing..... As a rule we don't go out to break any speed records.
We try to do our routes with as little SLABBING time as possible. I like to avoid I-5 like the plague. So they are usually kept interesting.

Straights are for getting to the twisties, so 10-15 over is pretty much where I like to draw the line. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. There's a time and place for everything. Being in the lead we really don't want to get everyone any tickets. So sometimes people get frustrated with the speed and decide they need to get a trip. dig. pass out of their system. I don't have a problem with that. Just remember to slow down at some point if ya wanna stay with the group. I like bullets anyway. :nana

Getting thru the twisties is what it's all about. With varied riders and bikes we try to accommodate everyone. If necessary breaking things up into groups of faster/railers, medium/cruisers and newer/slower riders. Really depends on the riders that show up and what folks feel like.
We have stopping points and will wait up after a set of twisties if necessary, to let everyone catch up. Nothing worse than going on a group ride and being left in the dust somewhere. Especially if you have no clue where you even are. In general if you don’t catch up right away KEEP GOING. We’ll be up ahead somewhere.

We’ll try to be better about riders meetings before the rides. Been a little lax here lately. Just to let everyone know what’s going on and where we’re going. To remind everyone to RIDE SAFE and RIDE THEIR OWN RIDE!! That and reminders along the way.

DO NOT get caught up in the GROUP thing. Thinking that you have to go at a faster pace because the group is getting ahead/away from you. OR going faster because you feel pushed by the riders behind you. Wave them by, slow down. Ride at a speed that you’re comfortable riding. We don’t want to endanger you or someone else because you’re riding above a level that you’re comfortable with.

Added +1
IF you're leaving the group TELL A LEAD OR SOMEONE THAT HELPED ORGANIZE THE RIDE. NOthing worse that wondering what happened to someone that decided they were heading another direction. BEEN THERE DONE THAT. If we wait for you or have to come looking for you and you've decided to leave the group for whatever reason. Well, I think someone mentioned below about a punch in the jaw. I wouldn't go that far. But ya never know. :nana

As far as stunting and showing off? There’s really no place for it in any kind of GROUP situation. Wanna do wheelies….. get either way in front or way behind the group. Do it away from the rest of us. I don’t mind the occasional power wheelie and that. It’s the longer wheelies and things of that nature that put other people in jeopardy that get to me. I don’t care how good you THINK you are. Too many things on the road can go really wrong really fast.

Last thing that comes to mind and has been on threads here before is PASSING.
If you’re gonna pass… DO IT TO THE LEFT SIDE ALWAYS. Preferably in the next lane. Only exception to this rule is if someone waves you by and gives you room to pass on his LEFT, in his lane.

These aren’t rules by any means. Just some guidelines that I would like to see on the group rides that we do. If you don’t like them. Don’t come on our rides. Simple as that. I don’t see where anyone would have any problems with any of these though. Pretty much common sense.

Added +1 More
Ok, so One more thing to add to the list of items we should probably cover at the beginning of each ride.
IF a rider goes down!!! Don't run home and post it up without the consent of the crashed rider. I know there are certain instances where YES, prayers are needed. So post that up. Don't get carried away with any details. But for the most part, let the party involved tell their story. They know what happened or maybe not. But it's really up to them to decide if they want it posted up for the whole board/world to see. Once again, this isn't a RULE by any means. But those of you that have been here awhile know that it's a common courtesy among us. For you newbies, please respect a person. Sometimes this stuff turns into big ole flame wars that may be or are unwarranted.


IF you're leaving the group TELL A LEAD OR SOMEONE THAT HELPED ORGANIZE THE RIDE. NOthing worse that wondering what happened to someone that decided they were heading another direction. BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

Something I've noticed recently about rides that have been posted up. This is in no way meant to be demeaning to those that post up rides. Just some ideas to help those that want to get rides started and have people actually show up.

Guys, If you're gonna post a ride up, get the info down on the FIRST POST.

For instance:
#1. Where the ride is intended to go, the loop or destination. Not necessarily the route. But a general Idea. The specific route can be PMed or E-mailed to individuals that want that info. We don't post up specific routes or maps as a general rule.

#2. Meeting time and place. Instead of getting a bunch of different places and times or whatever everyones opinion might be. SET A TIME AND PLACE!! If someone wants to meet up with the group further down the line that's fine. But HAVE a starting point. Easier to set up meeting points down the road that way also.

#3. Have a route in mind. If you're going to post/lead a ride better know where you want to go. That way others will have a better idea of if they really want to go or not.

#4. STICK TO YOUR DECISIONS!!!! People may come along with different roads, places to go, meeting times and such. That's fine. But as the ride starter/leader, it's ultimatly your decision of where the route should go and when things should happen.

Guys posting up rides all the time with no real decisions being made. Makes a mess and people will be less inclined to join in on the ride.

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Old 01-23-2007, 10:15 PM
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Not rules?

This is a good, general rule post that will make for a fun ride. If they are "not rules" then damit they should be. The thing I like here is that you make a distinct point of setting a group ride apart from a ride with a couple or few other riders. I know that when I ride with just one or two good friends I may be feel more comfortable to cut loose because I know who I am with and trust that they know me. However when you are with a larger group of 5 or more then these guidelines certainly apply for the scenic, fun, SAFE ride.

Great route plan, great "rules" to ride by.... Should be a great ride!!

Thanks for putting it out there.
Old 01-23-2007, 10:21 PM
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Ya, It's kinda what I do I guess. I look forward to the group thing. They're usually pretty fun. Unless someone goes down of course.. But even then most of the accidents last year were pretty minor.. Only 1 that required hospitalization. Only 1 other that the bike was unridable.
Old 01-23-2007, 10:50 PM
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i cant access your link. probably has to do with me being banned.
Old 01-23-2007, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by oak View Post
i cant access your link. probably has to do with me being banned.
Ya, think??
Would you rather me COPY AND PASTE the whole thing here????
Old 03-03-2021, 04:37 PM
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