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Old 02-14-2020, 05:45 AM
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Executive mba in india i complete application guide 2019

Executive MBA in India – four simple words that have created enough confusion to confound even the smartest MBA aspirants!

In this Executive MBA in India guide we will answer all the common doubts regarding this course.

What do you mean by Executive MBA? What is an executive mba in india?

Executive MBA in UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France…anywhere else on the earth

An executive MBA is a course pursued by executives to enhance their career prospects. This course is typically pursued by senior executives with 10+ years of work experience alongside work – while they continue to work full time as executives – hence the course is called executive MBA – a MBA course for executives.

Executive MBA in India

In India an Executive MBA is most commonly used to describe a One Year Full Time MBA. This branding is unique to India. India often has a unique take on things and we even have a Bollywood anthem celebrating this. The ‘It happens only in India’ song below has Govinda celebrating the unique aspects of life in India. Well he can add Executive MBA to the list.

Since one year full time MBA course in India are pursued by people who have worked for a number of years prior to the course, MBA institutes and the common man has branded them ‘Executive MBA’ courses.

We are not dealing with these courses in this guide.

Executive MBA vs Part-time MBA

The confusion between these two courses stems from the fact that to the layman both an Executive MBA and a Part-time MBA look like part-time courses.

Read this article to get complete clarity on The Difference Between an Executive MBA & a Part-time MBA.

Is an Executive MBA better than an MBA? Which is better PGDM or Executive MBA?

Is Thanos more powerful or a chainsaw? Is Trump better than Captain America? If those questions doesn’t make sense, neither does it make sense to compare an Executive MBA with an MBA.

As our analysis above shows, both are entirely different courses. One is meant for mid-career professionals looking to make a quantum leap in their career, the other is meant for senior executives looking to embellish their CV with a brandname, full in knowledge gaps for senior roles, and become more marketable at their existing job.

That said, most companies assign more value to a Full time One Year MBA or a Two Year Full Time MBA as the rigour of entry and rigour within the course is higher than that for an Executive MBA.

Entry to Full time MBA courses requires a high GMAT score, multiple rounds of evaluations by admissions committees and a far better academic record than that demanded by B-Schools for admissions to their Executive MBA courses.

Since students study full time on campus the quality & quantum of peer learning in a full time MBA is also higher.

Executive MBA In India Ranking

List of The Top 10 Executive MBA colleges in India I Best Executive MBA Courses In India
1. IIM Ahmedabad – ePGP
2. FMS – MBA Executive Program
3. ISB – PGPpro
4. IIM Kozhikode – Executive MBA (EMEP)
5. XLRI – Postgraduate Diploma in Management
7. IMT Ghaziabad – PGDM part-time
8. IIM Indore – Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives in Mumbai (PGP-MX)
9. SIBM Pune – MBA Executive


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