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Old 06-02-2020, 10:51 PM
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RuneScape play was excellent

It is so sad but I can't quit believing Jagex doesn't give a shit about lore anymore. Refusing to gate in the bare minimum with all fundamental quests and creating RuneScape's lore more inconsistent RS3 gold. I would actually be ok with Zanik being the digsite manager in the event that you decided not to kill her permanently during Nomad's Elegy. It would've really been hilarious if gamers who chose to kill her could have Zimberfizz ashes as a digsite boss rather. At least it'd make more sense.

But hey, this is what occurs when Jagex plain refuses to request players to finish the bare minimum quests for a LORE DRIVEN SKILL. Nope, can not ask players to finish a medium length pursuit with 13 Agility, Thieving and 17 Mining reqs since it is too much. Gotta return at AoD, you know? I just desire Osborne, Orion, and/or Raven would have been involved in this skill, at times it feels like they're the final mods that truly care about RuneScape's lore.

As much as I dislike quests, I have to agree. Archeology with content makes sense. You are uncovering history. History is lore. Quests build lore. Not to mention quest requirements would've likely curbed the alt accounts folks made just to gather mats plus they never would've had to nerf the special weapon bit drops that functioned only to screw over the frequent player. Now that you have stated it I totally concur. Having a skill that entails quest locked content actually makes a whole lot of sense and would provide more motivation for people to perform questing.

I have no idea where you are getting this impression from. Osborne has modulated the abolishment of quest requirements, reduced pursuit numbers to their all time cheapest whilst cutting the resources to make them sits in on those meetings signing off all these thoughts. The idea that Osborne cares about RuneScape or players is absurd. All he does is says some empty words to promote hype sometimes in between his various holidays on players cash.

I am prepared for the votes. In reality, I'm a bit surprised they've not come. Each time I do highlight to people though, a few do respond like you do agreeing maybe the word is getting out there. I can understand why people do not see through Osborne's persona immediately. He is always speaking enthusiastically and attempting to build up hype. After time though you start to realise that he is just repeating the very same phrases without doing anything. Criticism is disregarded rather than responded to, the hype is really a shield from talking any failings along with the positive tone makes people who criticise Osborne seem as they are being mean. Often it requires a little while for people to pick up on this.

I'm pretty certain Kingdom Hearts characters stay deader than Zanik. After KH3, that's saying something. I gave up on that show after DDD. The mechanics were confusing as hell, and that I was not even entirely sure who I was fighting because of all the clones, time travel, whatever. I loved the story and mechanisms of their first 3 games, even the cards. 358/2 Days had a lackluster story but RuneScapeplay was excellent. Re:Coded was dreadful. DDD was really the point at which the series' story imploded, for certain. I don't blame you for giving up after it, if there'd been a stretch of the story left to proceed between DDD and KH3 then I'd have drifted.

I am pretty sure I got Re:Coded because it was available and I guessed the rest of RuneScape were largely good... It had been such a pity. Between the"minigame challenge world" things of Re:Coded, along with the swap in/out system with Riku and Sora, I felt like I had been missing some clear mechanisms... because it would always say I took too long, or give me 0 things, or even a bad position or something. I got to the last boss of DDD without getting more than the minimal points. I was clearly doing something wrong, or missing something obvious, but I HATED the dream system.

I would beat half a world's story with Riku, then need to keep playing Sora, then Sora would fall asleep, it'd grant me zero points or anything, ask if I wanted to devote my zero points on things or upgrades or something, then... wake Sora back upward Buy OSRS Money. I simply didn't know what I do wrong or the purpose of it. I was like 18 as it came out, not like I was some kid struggling with my very first videogame. It just didn't describe it quite well, I guess.Pretty much everybody hates Coded and more or less likes to forget about it =P. As for DDD's drop system, I really don't think anyone was a fan of that either. Even then though, yeah, no one enjoyed it.


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