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Old 06-30-2020, 01:08 PM
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san diego dog walkers

There are some dogs that I walk together because they enjoy the same things as each other and this ensures they all get a nice hours play. For example I walk two lurchers and a cocker because they love chasing tennis balls at the beach and the cocker will even swim to retrieve them, it's a shared and common interest they have, they have fun and I have the entire groups attention on one subject. Another group I walk contains two mature labs who like just to walk by my side through woodland areas, I take them and collie cross. I wouldn't mix these groups because if I took the labs/collie to the beach and chucked a ball the lurchers and cocker would play but the labs would just stand by my side bored or wander off and entertain themselves. But you have to decide for yourself what you do.

What services will you offer and how much will you charge?

Decide what services you san diego dog walkers are going to offer and what prices before you start, you don't want leaflets here and there displaying different prices and services because you've learned that your prices were too high to begin with or the services you offered were unrealistic. Services dog walkers/pet sitters offer can include, pet sitting (including cat's and other animals), dog (and other pet) boarding, puppy visits, pet visits (including cat's and other animals) and pet taxi. Some are even groomers.


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