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Old 12-17-2020, 11:07 PM
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If you're planning on doing Barrows often

Hello, I am looking at starting to RS gold perform barrows but all of the research I do doesnt make alot of sence. How should I fight the brothers (includding dictate and tactics) How should I set up my inventory? I would like to use a max of 2m but if needed I will use another 500k.

Quests: If you're planning on doing Barrows often, In Search of the Myreque will probably be quite important. Optionally, you could also finish In Help of the Myreque for accessibility to Burgh De Rott. Desert Treasure are also helpful (for Ice Burst) but is not neccessary. So get In Search of the Myreque done, the other two are optional.

Equiptment: Only from looking at your present equiptment, I will tell that you might be short on money. Some general modifications you could make are upgrading the Rune/Dragon armour into Barrows armour, specifically Guthans (for place effect) or even Torags (such as exceptional defence bonuses). It's important to get boots/gloves/cape because every bonus counts. I would buy Dragon Boots, or Rune, Rock Climbing, or even Adamant. For a cape I'd strongly suggest an Obsidian Cape, but a God Cape (out of Mage Training Arena), or some other cape will suffice. Personally, I would alter the Dragon Medium Helm to some Helm of Neitiznot, Berserker Helm, or even a Dragon Full Helm for additional, more useful bonuses. Also (this might be the most crucial thing)... Get an Abbysal Whip... Very expensive, but very helpful.

I don't have a lot of experience at Barrows, which means you will probably need another person to inform you about the next: Order: The most generally accepted order of murdering the Barrows brothers would be: Dharok, Karil, Ahrim, Verac, Torag, Guthan. You will NEED to pray against Dharok, Karil, and probably Ahrim. You may also opt to pray against the other three. Good Luck.

Right, for barrows, you want 80+ Attack/Strength/Defence, and 70+ Magic. 43 Prayer is essential but 70 is useful for Piety. There are 2 chief ways of barrowing - Slayer Dart, and Dark Salamander. Black sallies require 70 in robes, magical, and attack. Their ammunition is Harralander Tar and it's extremely effective, but can be rather costly depending upon your magic level. Slayer dart requires 55 slayer, and it's mainly used because when you loot the chest, you have a higher prospect of obtaining the cheap RuneScape gold runes for slayer dart ( 1 death rune/4 brain runes per throw.)


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