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Chinese Money Plant: The Chinese currency plant (or Pilea) is often featured in Scandinavian interiors, where its bright green pancake-shaped leaves provide a cute and welcome burst of color against white walls.

Outdoor Couch: The mix of this nice weather and hosting Clara’s party outside have us on The Outdoor Update Train. Chugga chugga, infant.

Diversity Statement: Faculty job postings are increasingly asking for diversity statements, in addition to research and teaching statements.

Angular Velocity Formula: The angular velocity formula describes how fast the object rotates or goes relative to another stage, i.e. how quickly the angular position or orientation of the object changes with time.

Twinkie Defense: You may not be amazed to pay attention a defendant in a criminal case make that claim.

House Hacking: House hacking is a amazing actual property funding method while proudly owning a multi-own circle of relatives apartment houses.