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Originally Posted by Plummy View Post
wah wah wah.

when you're more ready to buy, keep me in mind. i have a friend that buys foreclosures and may get you access to an auction list that she bids off of. i need to call her anyway for myself. cause shit's dirt cheap right now as everyone's arms are maturing and they realize they just paid 5 years of interest only on their now way over-priced home.

back to bitching about track days...

do it anyway. or make jessica work the corner and extra night.
k, my friend's a realtor too...there will be a call for help when I start shopping.

as for the track days: I was thinking I might work corners a couple times if I get some free weekend days with nothing else going on, but other than that, I think the SV is gonna stay on tha' streetz.

jayt, you coming to shoot highbridge this year too?